The story takes place in any-city U.S.A. and revolves around Rose during a time in her life where she feels stuck. By chance, she is introduced to Ryuu, a tea guru, and a friend of her mother's wife. He offers her a job at his estate to train his five sons in the restaurant business. Rose leaps at the chance to leave home and start really living. But you have to look before you leap.

Game Play

While Rose is at Ryuu's estate, she helps restore an old tea house and trains up each son. Based on decisions made during training and based on how the restaurant is run, Rose can end up on one of 6 routes, one for each son and a generic route. Each route has multiple endings: Good, Neutral, Bad, and Romantic. Choices made in the game affect not only the quality of relationships but the quality of the tea house. Both are important. 

Content Rating

The story contains some violence, suggestive content, partial nudity and harsh language. It deals with mature themes such as polygamy, divorce, sexuality, and taxes.

Language - you can expect a few f-bombs. But no taking the Lord's name in vain. :) (It's how I roll.) 

Nudity: There are no plans for nudity. Skimpy clothes but the modesty code in the fantasy culture is pretty uptight.  

Sexual Content - it's talked about, but no explicit content. There may be seductive scenes and unwanted advances. 

See the FAQ for more details.