Rose is a college drop-out working at her dad's restaurant to get by. She wants to live life but doesn't feel like she can. ​She's pretty apathetic, introverted and suffers from depression. She tends to expect the worst. 

Fun Facts

  • Age: Late 20s
  • Last name pronounced MAH-no, most pronounce it MAN-not or MAN-it.
  • Has only dated twice
  • Was an undecided major before dropping out
  • Has worked in the family restaurant since she was 15
  • Favorite Tea: Chamomile
  • Special Power: Baking
  • Goals: Figure out goal in life, travel somewhere exotic


Rose has only ever had 2 relationships she would consider a boyfriend. They didn't last more than a couple of months. She's not a very romantic person. Affection and attention really bother her. So, she's happily single, but wouldn't mind a partner in life. (Her parents didn't give her much inspiration for long lasting relationships.) She's a virgin asexual.

Her love style is Pragmatic. 


Useless Facts

Things about the character that definitely will not crop up in the story but I thought about anyway. It helps inform the character.

  • Hogswarts House: Hufflepuff
  • Bending Style: Earth (Metal)
  • Voltron: Black Lion
  • My Little Pony: Fluttershy/Princess Cadence
  • Rock Band Instrument: Tamborine
  • Orchestra: Clarinet
  • Jug Band: Guitar
  • Light Saber Color: Blue
  • Myer-Briggs: INFJ

Graphical Needs

  • Redesign default Casual Outfit
  • Baking/Work outfit (untucked blue button up, apron, khakis)
  • Pajamas/Undies (bikini style/with and without shirt)
  • Evening dress (Long midnight blue cocktail dress with shawl, hair pinned back)
  • Common Route Restaurant Uniform: Kimono with apron (blue with cranes/blossoms)
  • Osamu Route Uniform: Japanese Waitress (Jumper/blouse)
  • Chinese Restaurant Uniform (Cheogsan)
  • Indian Restaurant Uniform: Sari
  • Victorian Restaurant Uniform: Blue rose apron, maid
  • Country-Western Restaurant Uniform: Gingam button up, jeans, apron with horseshoe
  • Maid Uniform: bustier, garter
  • Sexy outfit: negligee,
  • Eastern Royalty/Noble: Lace trimmed, scalloped hemmed kimono with hair ornaments and jewels.
  • Queen: Medieval Queen, high collar, lace front corset, mutton sleeves, surcoat, jeweled circlet