Kimiko sprite


Kimiko is the Dragon Lord's first wife and the mother of Jiro. She considers herself the adopted mother of Kichiro, although she doesn't give him much attention anymore. She finds her husband to be tedious and frustrating, especially since her son is not the only one he is considering as an heir. She has long forgotten the days of the tea house. 

Fun Facts

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Eastern Dragon - Fire Element
  • Enjoys smoking
  • Hates the other wives/concubines and their offspring
  • Was more humble prior to becoming queen
  • Favorite Tea: Dragon's Blood Tea
  • Special Power: Fire element powers
  • Goals: Get Jiro on the throne

Love Life

She was arranged with Ryuu when she was much younger. Back then the relationship was full of wonder and hope for the future. But once Ryuu began ruling and her role changed, so did the relationship. She was having difficulty producing a child with Ryuu and when the first concubines came, she grew jealous and cold-hearted. Kimiko is no longer faithful to Ryuu, but has been able to keep that hidden from him for a very long time. 

Love Style: Sadistic