​​Current Progress

Routes Outlined - done

Prologue and Pre-route - written

Character Design - done

Character sprites - Created default pose and set up for Live2D, need to create all expressions, poses and costumes

Backgrounds - currently using royalty free photos with filters. Will rescope the background needs after writing routes.

GUI - currently using stand-in art

CG Scenes - 5 made for the intro, need to be redone, this still needs to be scoped.

Music - None currently, need to find appropriate music

Current Priorities:

  • Complete writing the 'common route' (the route you get if the tea house variable isn't high enough.)  
  • Create first drafts of all sprites
  • Start writing a romantic interest route. 
  • Finish another romantic interest route 

Planned Features

5 romantic interests 6 Routes - 18 possible endings
Live2D Models/Scenes Image Gallery

Stretch Goals

  • Original Music Composed for the Game 
  • Fully illustrated backgrounds
  • Partial Voice acting
  • Live2D on all sprites
  • Ports to Mobile devices


Potential roadblocks or causes for delays:

  • Currently working on this in my spare time after my 40-hour work week as a technical writer, sometimes I don't want to write when I get home
  • Depression-spells the creativity killer
  • Video Game/Movie distractions
  • Other creative projects: costuming, BAKING, Art Exchange
  • Started a YouTube channel
  • I hate making backgrounds


Link to Q& case you were wondering