Lady Moriko

Moriko was Ryuu's first concubine, who spends most of her days preening by pools. She is the mother of Yuuto, her pride and joy. They both enjoy basking in the lap of luxury. It is said that she often lures young female spirits to her pools to braid her hair for hours.  Moriko is not her real name, which she has only ever revealed to a select few. 

Fun Facts

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Unicorn
  • Loves having her hair done
  • Special Powers: Hypnosis, Healing Powers
  • Favorite Tea: Pink Tea/Cherry Tea
  • Goals: Have fun, Yuuto is Happy

Love Life

Moriko was arranged to help produce heirs for the Dragon Lord Ryuu. She enjoys affection and attention, but hates having sex. She is paradoxical by nature and has been confused since losing her virginity. She finds comfort in female companionship and affection. 

Love Style: Puppy Love/Childish/Asexual