Diane sprite


Diane is a mildly successful sculptor, painter, and marketing consultant. A few years before the story, she divorced Phil and remarried Maria-Louise after she discovered herself. Diane wants Rose to grow into a vibrant woman with a lust for life so she tries to push her daughter out of her comfort zone. This has caused some tension between mother and daughter.  Her family ran a restaurant so she helped her husband start his own when they were younger.

Fun Facts

  • Age: 48
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Helped run her family's restaurant when she was a teenager
  • Works at a marketing firm
  • Was a professional painter and sculptor, still does it occasionally
  • Favorite Tea: Lemongrass or Mint tea
  • Special Power: Baking, Painting, Sculpting
  • Goals: Make sure Rose is happy and successful

Love Life

Diane was married to Phil for 15 years but knew him for 20. Their relationship was smooth sailing, but eventually started lacking intimacy and the spark it used to have. Once Rose was away, Diane started focusing on her own well being again. When she met Maria-Louise, she felt at home. She proceeded with divorce and as soon as she could, married Maria-Louise. Diane identifies as bi, but is committed to her current spouse. 

Love Style: Passionate/Committed