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So the introduction parts and prologue are long as hell. There is always a lot to set up when doing a fantasy story. 

*Note: When working on the game, I may refer to the "Tea House" as a cafe for shorthand.  

There are multiple variables in play here to get the story you want follow the color coded route: 

  • Cafe  - This refers to how well the restored tea house is doing. In order to start ANY of the character routes, this has to be over 5 points. Anything below that will put you on the Osamu's Route.
  • Kichiro Points (KP) - Points toward Kichiro's Route
  • Jiro Points (JP) - Points toward Jiro's Route
  • Yuuto Points (YP) - Points toward Yuuto's Route
  • Katsuro Points (DP) - Points toward Katsuro's Route
  • Goro Points (GP) - Points toward Goro's Route

General Tips: 

  • Affection points can be gained during the common route, but they won't really matter until you are on a story route.
  • Preparing for the Grand Opening is when cafe points become a thing. If you do well, it gives a bit of a boost to subsequent events. 
  • During regular guests, mix and match who you ask for help for best cafe points. 
  • Goro and Kichiro are locked routes. For Kichiro, you need to have played through a route once with a good/romance ending.  
  • Goro's route is locked until you play Kichiro's route with a good or romance ending.  

The first real choices come during the interviews.

Kichiro Interview
Positive +1 Negative -1
What do you hope to gain from this experience? Why do you want to do this?
What would you like to serve at the tea house? What's your favorite kind of food?
What do you feel confident doing in the tea house? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

This can result in +/- 4 KP.

Jiro Interview
Positive +1 Negative -1
Where do your strengths lie in this business? What are you best at in regards to running a restaurant?
What would be the ideal tea house to run? What kind of tea house should it be?
What challenges do you think lie ahead? What do you think you'll struggle with?

Jiro's interview is shorter so only +/- 3 JP.

 Yuuto's Game
Positive +1 Negative -1
Moon Sun
Iris Rose
Cherry Pine
Sea River

Yuuto gets out of the interview by playing a fortune game. The cards are associated with traits that Yuuto either likes or dislikes: Potential +/- 4 YP.

Katsuro Interview
Postive +1 Negative -1
I'm afraid of all of you. A little.
What kind of tea house do you want to run? Do you really want to run a tea house?
What are your strengths in this venture? How would you overcome your reputation?
What challenges do you expect to face? Do you think there will be trouble with your brothers?

The questions and answer can result in +/- DP.

Goro's Questions
Positive +1 Negative -1
Money Looking to expand my horizons.
It was better than my old job...and pays better. I was given the opportunity.
I'm confident. Time will tell.

Goro's questioning is also short. Only +/- GP.

After the interviews comes restoration tasks, these only affect guy points.

Clean Kitchen
0 KP
-1 JP
-1 YP
0 DP
+2 GP
Clean Interior
+2 KP
-2 JP
+1 YP
-1 DP
+1 GP
Repair Roof
-1 KP
+1 JP
-2 YP
+2 DP
0 GP
Repaint Exterior
+1 KP
+2 JP
0 YP
-2 DP
0 GP
Clear out Garden
-2 KP
0 JP
+2 YP
+1 DP
-1 GP

After assigning the job, whoever Rose decides to visit gets a +1 point.

The second round of restoration tasks:

Plant Garden
-2 JP
+2 YP
+1 DP
-1 GP
Decorate Garden
+1 KP
+2 JP
0 YP
-1 DP
0 GP
Restock Kitchen
-2 KP
-1 JP
0 YP


+2 GP
Repaint Interior
+2 KP
+1 JP
0 YP
-1 DP
0 GP
Decorate Interior
0 KP
+2 JP
-1 YP
-2 DP
+1 GP

And once again whoever Rose checks on gets +1 point.

After the restoration, Rose selects a position to train each of the guys in. This time it will affect both guy points AND cafe points. 

Goro's Job
Job Title GP CP
Host +2 -2
Chef +1 +2
Waiter -1 +3
Tea Brewer 0 +1
Busser -2 -1

Goro should not be in positions of power as Lucky will warn you. He is a good people person although he hates doing it. Waiter is the ideal position with Chef as a close second.

Katsuro's Job
Job Title DP CP
Host -1 -1
Chef +2 +3
Waiter -1 -2
Tea Brewer -2 -3
Busser +1 +1

Katsuro is perceived as a threat to most guests so public positions tend to be negative for the tea house. He is a kitchen wizard, so he is best in the chef position where he is out of sight. Busser is also fair.

Yuuto's Job
Job Title YP CP
Host -1 +1
Chef -2 -1
Waiter -2 +1
Tea Brewer 0 0
Busser +1 +2

Yuuto is prone to panic at anything that demands dealing with lots of pressure or people. Busser is best because he likes things clean and he doesn't deal directly with customers.

Jiro's Job
Job Title JP CP
Host +2 +3
Chef -1 0
Waiter -2 +1
Tea Brewer +1 +1
Busser -3 +2

Jiro is already a public figure and that's where he wants to be. It's good for the tea house to have him as the face of the business. His tea brewing is also adequate. Oddly enough some folks like to see him humbled so it's okay to have him bus tables.

Kichiro's Job
Job Title KP CP
Host +1 +1
Chef -2 -3
Waiter -1 +1
Tea Brewer +2 +2
Busser -1 0

Kichiro has worked in a tea house before and has a nose for plants. He is best tea brewer. He is also a public figure already so hosting would also suit him.  

This is the job they perform at the Grand Opening. There will be hints at how well the Cafe is doing based on the feedback of the guest characters. The cafe points can range from -9 to 13. 5 or below is bad, 10 or above is excellent. Anything in between is okay. 

There is a party that Rose attends. If you talk to one of the guys you get +1 point with them regardless of what happens. 

Later in the evening, you'll get a hint as to which guy has the highest points based on who walks in on Rose. The guy needs at least 5 points to trigger the event. (If there's a tie, it goes in order from oldest to youngest.) 

At this point it's possible to have the following total points with the guys: 

  • Kichiro 13
  • Jiro 12
  • Yuuto 12
  • Katsuro 13
  • Goro 12

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